Monument City


When visiting Monument City is a blog that has complied some of the most interesting monuments and the history behind them. Before leaving this site here are some Monuments that a person must see.

Washington Monument

This was designed to honor George Washington. This monument is made out of stone and is found at the Washington Monument State Park in Maryland. This monument was designed by Robert Mills and is made from marble.

Marquis de Lafayette

This statute features a French style military man on top of his horse. This statute was designed to honor this hero that served during the American Revolution. He served as part of the Continental Army under the command of George Washington. Lafayette helped the United States which signified that a friendship between those on this continent and the people of France. Some were even willing to go against the wishes of the King to help out this new country. Lafayette was given a hero’s welcome wherever he went and this monument is an honor to him.

Sea Urchin

This monument was created by Edward Berge and is now on display at the John Hopkins University. The statute looks like the shape of a human. One hand is above her head and the other is pointing behind her. Berge was one of the top sculptors in this country and his work is now available for all to see.

These are just some of the sites that a person should visit. These monuments are rich in history and are true works of art.